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Flexischools Blog

An insightful blog for parents with recipes, healthy eating tips, guidance on how to deal with bullying, and other parenting advice.

How parent associations are preparing students for future careers

17 JANUARY 2022

Parent associations are at the heart of the school when it comes to connecting communities, fundraising, and helping the school with their projects.

1st in HSC English Ext 1 & 2! A state-ranker’s top 7 tips to achieve Band 6 results

4 JANUARY 2022

Imagine this. You're about to enter your senior years, and it's time for you to focus your efforts and get serious about the way you're going to approach English.

How to help your child manage anxiety


It’s not just adults who get anxious, children do too. But when they have the right strategies, they can stay calm, controlled, and believe in themselves.

Top 7 savings tips for kids

30 NOVEMBER 2021

Today we look at 7 top tips to help your child learn about money.

Top 3 free digital mental health tools to support your children

22 NOVEMBER 2021

Safeguard your child’s mental health with free, curriculum-aligned digital tools.

Building lifelong learners: 5 top tips for parents

10 NOVEMBER 2021

With children learning from home more than ever over the past few months, parents around Australia had to step into a split role, both parent and educator.

A free social and emotional wellbeing tool is waiting for your kids


Oral storytelling is as universal as it is ancient. We know how the voice can bring a more personal, informal, and often engaging touch to what is said and taught.

Girls Day Out in STEM Bake-off Challenge!

9 AUGUST 2021

This National Science Week, combine machine learning and baking in the Girls Day Out in STEM Bake-off Challenge!

Five prepare-ahead breakfasts made in under one hour

4 AUGUST 2021

“What does your family have for breakfast?” is one of the most common questions I get asked. Statistics show 36% of Australians eat cereal for breakfast and a further 66% eat bread.

Five ways tutoring can help kids build confidence at school

2 AUGUST 2021

Having confidence couldn’t be more vital to the future health, happiness, and success of your child, and it’s our responsibility as parents to make sure they’re full of it (in a good way).

Food, drinks, and energy in sport

16 JULY 2021

It is undisputed that sport is important for the physical and mental health of children, but what is concerning is the mixed messages we are giving children.

Don’t stress about ‘I don’t like it’

18 JUNE 2021

If you want to find peace at mealtimes, learn not to stress when your kids say,
‘I don’t like it’

Our pick of the Best Mother’s Day gifts for 2021

3 MAY 2021

Our Flexischools parent community consists of thousands of amazing and hardworking Mums around the country.

Five brain care tips to support your child’s learning

30 APRIL 2021

As our kids return to school and learning re-commences, the pressure is on for our kids to remember a lot of information and achieve great results.

How to make breakfast smoothie bowls

12 APRIL 2021

Smoothie bowls are a great breakfast option as they can boost nutrition by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables your child eats!

How to transition away from breakfast cereal

29 MARCH 2021

It’s often said breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it breaks the fast our body has been on overnight. Breakfast recharges glucose to our body and this boosts our energy.

Microsoft’s accessible technology lifts learners for life

29 MARCH 2021

We all want children to achieve their full potential – whatever that might be. It is key to ensure that all children have access to the right tools and technology to foster learning.

Our ultimate guide to the school holidays

22 MARCH 2021

Now is the perfect time to start planning for the April school holidays!

How to have a healthy and fun Easter with the kids

22 MARCH 2021

In Australia, Easter has become synonymous with chocolate. But if you’re like many, once you learn how additives and preservatives can affect children’s health, it’s hard to turn a blind eye.

How to get your kids to eat cold leftovers so lunchbox packing becomes easier

15 FEBRUARY 2021

School’s gone back for the year which means we’ve got around 200 school lunchboxes to pack per child.

Five steps to pack a healthy lunchbox


In Australia, every school term has about 50 days and every school year has about 200 days. That’s a lot of days to pack lunchboxes!

Three back to school to dos

6 JANUARY 2021

It’s almost back to school time and we’re about to look down the barrel of roughly 200 days (per child) of packing lunchboxes.

Learn how to make Ben's Bao Buns

26 OCTOBER 2020

Inspire your kids to learn to cook with this amazing recipe from Junior MasterChef contestant, Ben!

Learn how to make Georgia’s Pear and Pomegranate Trifle

26 OCTOBER 2020

Inspire your kids to learn to cook with this amazing recipe from Junior MasterChef contestant, Georgia!

Learn how to make Carter’s Honey Carrot Cake

26 OCTOBER 2020

Inspire your kids to learn to cook with this amazing recipe from Junior MasterChef contestant, Carter!

Eating for immunity – how to sort health from hype

2 OCTOBER 2020

Covid-19 has disrupted our world and also increased the focus on wellness and protecting our health, especially that of our precious family. So, it’s no surprise to hear that Google searches on what to eat for immunity have skyrocketed.

A dietitian’s best recipe hacks


If there is one small silver lining from this pandemic year, it’s been the growing interest in home cooking. In Australia, Google searches for ‘healthy recipes’ more than doubled during the first lockdown in April1, as our favourite restaurants and cafes were forced to shut down.

Eat, pray, love

7 MAY 2020

During this crazy time of our lives when the world seems upside down, we all need to practise more of the ‘eat, pray, love’ philosophy. We need to eat food that satisfies our bodies and minds, we need to pray that things turn back to “normal” as soon as possible and we need to give...

A wholesome approach to allergies

7 MAY 2020

Being a parent is a tough job. Add a child’s food restrictions and life becomes a lot more complex. Food allergies are common challenges facing parents and schools, with studies reporting that one in ten Australian children are allergic to one or more foods.1

Nutrition report card – are your kids getting their essential nutrients?

10 MARCH 2020

Back to school signals the exciting start to another learning year. But let’s be honest, the biggest challenge often lies with us - the dedicated breakfast making, lunch planning and dinner rushed parents.

A Guide for Parents on How to Deal with Bullying

26 FEBRUARY 2020

One in four students are bullied in Australian schools. It is an endemic problem that we need to teach our children to identify and into the future, have enough resilience to be a part of the solution.

Bullying Explained

17 FEBRUARY 2020

Sometimes we label childrens’ behaviours towards others as bullying, when in fact it isn’t. Nasty, mean or rude behaviour is awful but it is not bullying.

The healthy way to canteen


A snack or lunch order from the canteen will probably rate as a highlight of school for most Australian kids. Many parents too will have fond memories of their favourite school canteen moments.

It’s back to school time again

23 JANUARY 2020

And that means, back to the rollercoaster ride of school lunches. There’s that rush of excitement when you find an empty lunch box at the end of the day or hear happy comments about school canteen lunch.

Empowering students to stand up for their peers

23 JANUARY 2020

Stymie is an anonymous harm reporting tool that schools are proactively using to support their students to say something without fear.